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Member Update


My Brothers & Sisters

As the Newly Appointed World Trade Center & Retiree's Liaison one of My First Orders of Business is to Create a Base of Both Active & Retired WTC Members!!
This Base will be Only Available to Myself and the Member. 

Long Ago Our Members Should Have Been Tracked and Followed.

This Way I Can Share Life Saving Medical Screenings, Testing, Medical Updates and other Assistance Available to Our Members!!


No One Got Out of the WTC Site or the Fresh Kills Site for Free!!  First Responders ARE STILL BEING DIAGNOSED WITH POTENTIAL LIFE-THREATENING ILLNESS AND DISEASE!!

So, With That in Mind All Members That This Applies.

Please Email me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  So I Can Email You a Simple Set of Questions

Thank You,
Gary Smiley

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Member Update



"A Hero with a Song in his Heart."

Station 19


A celebration will be held on July 18, 2017
at The Old Field Club in Setauket, beginning at 5pm with a Bagpipe Tribute at 6pm.

86 W Meadow Rd, Setauket-East Setauket, NY 11733

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Good afternoon,

The Officers & Executive Board is proud to announce the appointment of Paramedic Joshua Bucklan to the position of Executive Board of Local 2507.

Josh has been a strong advocate for the members of this local for many years.

Josh currently sits on the REMSCO REMAC liaison & certification committees.

Josh is currently assigned to OMA, he is committed to help our members with the challenges they have, feel free to reach out to him.


Oren Barzilay

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Member Update

Promotion to Paramedic upgrade
DCAS filing is open now until July 25, 2017.
Exam no. 8502

In order to become a paramedic through either MEDIC BASIC or MUPS you MUST file for this exam.

All promotions to paramedic will require a DCAS number.



Mike Greco
Vice President

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Member Update

Recently we've seen a spike in members being assaulted. Our office recognized there has been a slow response from the time of the assault to us being aware of it. This has caused the attackers to get away with lesser charges or worse no charges at all. This has to stop.

We have identified four areas that needed immediate attention.

First is our member assault form on the website. Once filled out and submitted it was sent to an account that was not being monitored. We've addressed that issue. When you go on line and fill out the form it will now be sent immediately to all four officers by hitting the submit button. No need to fax it to the office.

Second is notification from the department themselves to us. On Monday we had a labor management meeting and the department agreed. They will be including us in the department emails they send to the Chiefs whenever a member is injured due to assault. They will omit all info necessary to remain HIPAA compliant. It will be another step in the chain of timely information. The department has already contacted us on Tuesday to inform us they have started that process. They are very willing to work with us.
That leads us to the next point.

Third is getting the member to  press charges. Both the union and the department want ALL assaults to be pressed forward. They showed us many Instances where the members declined to press charges. Again we understand there have been reversed situations where members wanted to press charges and got no support. That is going to change.

Fourth, We asked the department to support stickers for the ambulance similar to the MTA stickers that state assaulting an EMS worker is a felony. Not only did they agree but asked if we wanted it inside or out. We said both. We hope to have those soon.

This is the beginning step to a much wider public awareness campaign we want to implement. This will include radio spots, television interviews, with both union leadership and members. We have asked for the Departments support in putting pressure on Boro DA’s to prosecute and have received favorable a response. We have also been looking into the costs and benefits to a public relations firm to help with this.

As always we need your help to turn the time and energy spent by our local in changing legislation to make an assault on us a felony into actual arrests and prosecution. Together the city will learn there is a cost to harming us. You strike one of us you strike us all.


Be well and look out for each other.

Oren Barzilay   Mike Greco
President         Vice President

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The FDNY Hispanic Society congratulates Oren Barzilay on his election as President of Local 2507.

Below is the letter that was sent to Local 2507. If you click on the letter you can see it enlarged. There is a link to the FDNY Hispanic Society website under the letter.


Anyone wishing to join or find out more about the FDNY Hispanic Society can visit the FDNY Hispanic Society website

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Member Update

At 10:00AM, City Hall will hold a hearing regarding the equalization of Death Benefits for EMS Personal killed in the line of duty.

All off duty members should attend and show support for this most important legislation.

Please wear non-issued FDNY EMS apparel.



Thank you,

Oren Barzilay

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Puerto Rican Pride Party

Sunday, June 11, 2017

2:00 PM
Taino Towers "Crystal Room"
240 East 123rd St. (Between 2nd and 3rd Aves.)

$20 per person / $25 for family

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President's Report

June 7, 2017

Legislation - On May 10, I along with our lobbyist Robert Ungar met with legislators to seek support for the Line of duty Death Benefit that's currently available to Uniform members but not including EMS The Law was written well before Local 2507 gained Uniformed Status, this Bill will add our titles to the Law. The Bill is currently at Senate Committee.

12 Hour Tours - On May 16, both local 2507 & 3621 met with the Office of labor relations to discuss the expansion of the program. The dept presented some concerns with in-service times of the 12 hour units, a decrease of in-service times. We challenged the dept on some of the times they tabulated into their studies/formula. The dept also wanted to set back the start dates on station 46 and 14 by a few weeks due to payroll/Schedule issues. We countered that all members and schedules were prepared, after a brief caucus. The dept agreed to start both stations as initially scheduled. We also requested that additional stations be added each month following the station 14 start.

Station 39 - While we are aware that many stations are in dire needs, station 39 is in dire conditions that needs immediate attention. On May 30, I met with the dept to discuss this long overdue health and safety issue.

The office received a written response that a major overhaul is scheduled this summer lasting 18 months.

Units will be relocated to surrounding stations within proximity of their csl.

An inconvenient but a necessary step to protect the health and safety of our members.

We will keep you informed on the scheduled start date.

10-99 Initiative -After a long discussion with COD, I expressed the necessity and importance of taking our members off street comers. Our members should be able to sit at their stations (member's discretion) or nearby facilities that are owned by the dept. There are many reasons we need to move away from the current model of sitting at street comers. Health & Safety being the top reason. Some suggestions were made by both parties, I will notify the rank and file once we reach an agreement. In closing, I want to assure the membership that I am well aware of the situation this local and the members face everyday. My thoughts are always of my brothers and sisters of EMS, how to make things better for each one of us. I do not take this tremendous responsibility lightly, I am focused on moving us forward where we need to be, and together we can do it.

Be well and look out for each other!

Oren Barzilay

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Vice President's Report


June 7, 2017

Pay equality: Recently we secured the services of the Kurland Group, a law firm we are . using to explore future litigation towards pay equality. Today we held our first focus group involving EMT's. They are going to take all the feedback and start drafting more detailed question sheets that members will be able to fill out. This is the first of about 6 focus groups we will be holding. Fire inspectors will be planned next followed by paramedics and EMD. LT's and Captains will also be involved. Member involvement is going to be crucial during every phase of this litigation. I implore everyone to get involved. Reach out to me at the office or cell phone with any questions regarding how you can help.

Bits: As we all know bits is a sore spot for many members. I'm starting to bring a lot more stuff to our lawyers before allowing any member to sign a penalty. Stipulations have gotten way to high and we are working on bringing it down. We have also reached out to a criminal defense lawyer who might be willing to consult with us on more severe and higher profile cases. More information will be available as we have it.

Parking placards: I want to remind you that our parking placard is a privilege and doesn't authorize you to violate any parking laws. They are for your use only and may not be given to anyone else. Four times this month the NYPD has called this office to confirm ownership of a placard. Not all were being used properly. Our current Mayor has made unauthorized use of parking placards a hot item recently. Please don't get caught up in this.

Delegate replacements: Currently we have about 10 stations without delegates. We are in process of filling those positions. Please be patient and we will get every station represented properly.

Michael Greco,
Vice President

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