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Financial Need - Time Donation When you Risk Being Placed Off Payroll

  • Out Extended sick? 
  • Been in an accident off duty? 
  • Diagnosed with a serious illness? 
  • Running out of time? 
  • Being placed off payroll? LODI almost over? 
  • Then you need to read this section!


The Honor Emergency Fund was created in 1921 as a privately endowed corporation administered by a Board of Trustees and chaired by the Fire Commissioner. Its purpose was to provide financial assistance to families of FDNY employees for a variety of medical-related situations. During its 78-year history, the Fund has helped thousands of Fire Department employees meet the burden of costs associated with most forms of medical care and other problems due to illness, injury or death. Through the Fund, applicants can obtain financial assistance or grants—not loans—to help in covering unpaid balances, after insurance.

When Assistance is Granted

If a grant application is approved, either all or part of the request might be met. Assistance may be considered for the following:

Medical procedures and care such as surgery, physician care, lab, diagnostic and on-going treatment, anesthesia, in- and outpatient services, etc.,

Home health care aides or services if medically necessary and physician authorized. In certain limited situations money for child care may also be approved.

Psychotherapy or psychiatric, services both in- and outpatient Physical, speech, occupational and cognitive therapy, if it can be documented that a patient would benefit from therapy beyond that which insurance will cover or after insurance expires.

Rehabilitation services for individuals who have physical impairments or functional difficulties. Pharmaceutical drugs and medically-necessary supplements.

Certain non-covered medications or injectibles may also be considered in certain circumstances as will limited holistic products.

Prescribed life-enhancing or life- maintaining equipment or therapeutic devices, such as orthotics, specialized wheelchairs, transportation for the physically handicapped, certain home or van modifications, physical therapy machines or devices, and learning enhancement devices for the mentally challenged.

Dental expenses if of a medical nature or cause. including medically-necessary procedures, C-sections, and specialized non-routine newborn baby care.

Acupuncture services if relief using non-holistic medical care has not been obtained. The treatments must be physician-authorized and performed by either a licensed physician or a recognized specialist in the field.

In addition, the Fund remits monthly stipends or grants of money to qualified elderly, disabled and financially hard-pressed retirees, or their surviving spouses or adult children, to assist them in meeting a serious and on-going financial shortfall or to enhance their overall quality of life. Medically-ill active civilian employees who are temporarily unable to work and have exhausted all benefits, leave time, and other sources of income may also apply for limited short-term monetary help.

All uniformed members of the Department, active or retired in good standing of any rank, and their spouses, dependent children or other dependents who are family or extended family members are eligible to apply. This includes any member on light duty or medical leave. Non-retired civilian employees of the Fire Department or an immediate family member would also qualify. This would include all active members of EMS and their dependents. Once retired (or deceased), these members or their families would not be eligible to apply.

The Honor Emergency Fund is a not-for-profit corporation. It is not related to any other Department fund, union or city agency. It is self-financed through interest-income derived from the Fund corpus. The Fund investments are currently managed by Morgan Guaranty Trust Company. The Fund is audited on a yearly basis.

How to Apply

Donations to the Fund in any amount are both encouraged and deeply appreciated in order to enable the philanthropic work of this organization to continue. Contributions can be sent either to the

Fire Commissioner or to the Director of the New York City Fire Department Honor Emergency Fund, 9 MetroTech Center, Brooklyn, NY, 11201-5431.

The phone number is (718) 999-1216 (voice mail) or 718-999-2531/32.

How to Apply for Assistance:

Application is made by contacting the Office at
718-999-1216 (our voice- mail number) or 718-999-2531/32

or writing to:

The Honor Emergency Fund
Fire Department Headquarters
9 MetroTech Center, Brooklyn, NY, 31201.

Upon receipt of a request, an application and other materials will be mailed. The inquirer is immediately put on a waiting list with an offer to telephone or write any creditors or interested party indicating that an application has been received and is under consideration. It may be possible to expedite certain emergency requests.