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As Labor Liaison I had the privilege of traveling to countries like United Kingdom, as part of labor delegations in the past representing the EMS workers in our union.

We learn and shared our experiences with the Paramedics of United Kingdom, also know as England.

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By Labor Liaison: Lester Muata Greene

Raising the minimum wage would boost children and workers at of poverty. Let's look at the facts on child poverty that jumped by 3 million from 2005 to 2011. Now 23% of the children in this country live in poverty. Yet, two thirds of children living in poverty have at least one parent with a full-time job.

The working poor are those who have had jobs, or were looking for jobs, for at least half of the year and still fell below the poverty line. The current national minimum wage is only $7.25

There is an in...

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by Lester Muata Greene

May is the month we talk and learn about the stories of the battles, betrayals and victories of American working men and women. The economic advancement of workers relies on their collective struggles though their unions. These struggles hit their peak in the 1930's due to the upsurge of unionization and worker activism. This movement pushed the New Deal created by President Roosevelt.

Laws such as the National Labor Relations Act, Social Security Act, Unemployment Insurance Act and the Fair Labor Standards Act all came out of the New Deal.

Today union density is below 7% in the private sector and about 12% combined with the public sector. This shows that the achievements of the American working class are in jeopardy. The National Labor Relations Act has become toothless. The State Legislature in Wisconsin took away the public employees right to collective bargaining, while Michigan has become a so called "Right to Work" state.

We in the labor movement, both union and non union, must know labor history, and understand that unions are the primary working class institution in American history.

Labor History Month offers the opportunity to all workers to gain a knowledge of their worker rights, where these came from, and how to preserve and extend them.


Labor in the USA: A History by Ronald L. Filippelli

Labor's Untold Story by Richard O. Boyer / Herbert Morais