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Race relations and different world views are all over television, radio and social media. We as union members are dedicated to our families. This includes our extended union family; every man and woman.

We are very diverse: gay, straight, man, woman, black, white and a plethora of mixed heritage. If that is the premise let’s look at the facts; race is a social construct. It has been historically used as a means to divide the working class.

The scientific fact is that there is one race; the human race. It can be broken down by heritage and nationality, country origin and if your ancestors created life with other nationalities. Thus; The human race exists.

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"How Labor Lost Its Power in the Democratic Party"

By Lester Muata Greene, Labor Liaison

As we go thru the primary season and the approaching, New York state presidential Primary on April 19'h, let's take a historic look on how labor has lost power.

The current decline started with the "Mandate for Change", which took shape in the Democratic party in 1992, with the election of Bill Clinton.

This period was the first major shift away from the politics of, President Reagan but as is often the case, high expectations lead to disappointment. It was a time of plenty, but a mixed bag and renew faith in the "American Dream" Clinton was able to lobby Congress to ratify NAFTA" North Atlantic Free Trade Agreement" and support Conservative welfare reform.

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Labor Liaison: September 2015

Now that Labor Day 2015 has passed, officially marking the end of summer 2015, what should working folks and their unions be focused on?

Sending a message loud and clear that we want better for our families and ourselves. In 2015 less than 12% of U.S. workers belong to a union, this shows that labor movement has lost ground. The unions are organizing, and more folk's in the public and private sectors are becoming union members.

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