FDNY EMS Pay Parity Now

Rally for EMS Pay Parity

On August 6, 2019, at 10:30 am the Union will Rally at the steps of CITY HALL to address the EMS pay disparity issues. All hands on deck by our members.We will hold a press […]

Alacea Diggs

GoFundMe – Alacea Diggs

Fellow FDNY EMT Alacea Diggs is sick in the ICU By Eddie Sammz My mentor and Coworker Alacea Diggs of station 17 is currently sick in the ICU.She’s a great an EMT who worked in […]

General information

Return of the Phoenix

My name is John Korinek, friends call me Jake, I am a FDNY Paramedic. I feel honored to be asked to participate in the G2G ultra marathon with JAR of Hope, A/K/A Teamjamesy for a […]

Member Benefits

Defensive Driving Classes

Recently we held defensive driving classes for our members that were held on pass days for A, B and C platoon. We are now going to hold a class for those that are on D […]