EMS Pay Equality

Reminder: we’re a day away from another historical moment in EMS.We are once again calling on our members to participate by showing up to our next phase in pay equality for EMS at City Hall. […]

Member Update

Annual Evaluation Guidelines

The Annual Evaluation Your annual evaluation should be discussed with you in an informal manner before the final evaluation is prepared for your signature. This discussion is usually with your tour LT, who is considered […]

Local 2507 member update

Pay Parity / EMS Attrition

The Council of The City of New York RE:  Oversight – EMS Attrition Int 1731 – Oversight – EMS Attrition Res 1062 – Calling for the salaries of New York City emergency medical service personnel to […]

Yadira Arroyo

Yadira Arroyo court hearing

Reminder:Tomorrow January 16, 2020, at 2:00 PM is the Yadira Arroyo court hearing.Bronx criminal courthouse for the accused killer Jose Gonzalez. Members are needed to attend. We need to be there for our sister Yadira […]

Member Update

Pay Equality Resolution

City Hall Pay Equality Resolution & Legislation Hearing. The local is working on getting additional council members, legislators, and other union officials to join us. The date was changed to January 28, 2020. so we can […]

Member Update

President’s Report

President’s Report January 8, 2020 Happy & Healthy New Year everyone F.P.I – Equality Litigation – We are currently working with the Firm of Mehri & Skalet PLLC and Professor Wilson regarding the pay disparity […]