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Today the MLC met to discuss potential layoffs. The mayor has agreed to hold off layoff notifications until he meets with the MLC tomorrow to discuss additional savings options. We will post additional information once […]

Local 2507 in the News

The union chief representing NYC’s EMTs has warned that job cuts will risk lives Oren Barzilay says he has been told 10% of the city’s EMTs could lose their job He slammed the short-sighted decision …

Posted by Caribbean Fever on August 20, 2020 The union chief representing New York City‘s EMTs has warned that ‘people will die’ if mayor Bill de Blasio’s plan to slash 400 jobs goes ahead.   In October, the city […]

Local 2507 in the News

City May Lay Off 400 FDNY EMTs Oct. 1

By BOB HENNELLYAug 20, 2020  As many as 400 city Emergency Medical Technicians could be laid off Oct. 1, according to their union leader, District Council 37 Local 2507 President Oren Barzilay. Such a layoff […]