9/11 Unlimited Sick Leave Retroactive Benefit with PSB link

Two years ago both local 2507 & 3621 fought vigorously to get our members partial compensation for leave without pay due to WTC medical illness.

The following is information for members impacted by WTC procedure to recoup some funds.

Attached is the info and link to the 9/11 Unlimited Sick Leave retroactive benefit. This is the first phase, and the open enrollment period to apply ends January 13th. To apply, members will need to submit the attached form to their HR dept. by that date to be considered for the first phase of the benefit. They can get their leave restored for a given calendar year in which they had at least 28 days or so (150 hours) of qualifying leave in total. The PSB is online at the following link: https://www1.nyc.gov/…/downloads/pdf/reports/440_17.pdf

Once members have applied and the window to do so closes, the claims that are received will need to “clear the pipeline”, at which point the City will roll out another PSB with the rest of the benefit and how to apply. Members who received some of their benefit this round would be able to apply for the rest of it the next round. Note that there may be some kinks that are identified and worked out in that future PSB, and this may take some additional time to negotiate, members need to apply now if they’re eligible, because no known date is given when the next PSB will actually be issued.

Those eligible are as follows. Members who have qualified to receive the 9/11 unlimited sick leave benefit who:

* For actives: have at least 150 hours of qualifying retroactive leave (either sick leave or annual leave/comp time) in a single calendar year from 9/11/2001 to the date that they enrolled in the benefit.

* For retirees: have any qualifying leave whatsoever, with the provision that they can only apply for leave that took place in 1 calendar year of their choosing in phase 1, recalling that, per the original PSB only Annual Leave is eligible for terminal leave, and that terminal leave would be paid as a non-pensionable lump sum instead of the usual manner of keeping them on payroll for up to a year. The lump sum will be capped at up to a year, minus however much they may have already received as terminal leave compensation.

Oren Barzilay
FDNY EMS Local 2507

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