Albany NY – History in the making for our Union/FPI

For Immediate Release

Statement from FDNY Local 2507 on FDNY Fire Protection Inspectors Achieving 25-Year Retirement Vesting.

Inspectors Are FDNY’s Detectives Sniffing Out Bad Actors Flouting Public Safety.

New York, NY – FDNY’s critical fire protection inspectors will finally receive a 25-year retirement pension vesting option under the New York Employees’ Retirement System (NYCERS) plan after this was passed in the 2024 New York State budget. 

Uniformed fire protection inspectors are included in a Tier 6 pension plan and, like fellow uniformed FDNY EMS members, will be eligible to retire after 25 years of service, with no age requirement. It is a self-funded pension plan that members contribute to throughout their entire career.

“I want to recognize the New York Senate, Assembly Speaker, leaders of legislature, and Governor Hochul for acknowledging the critical lifesaving importance of our FDNY fire protection inspectors,” said Oren Barzilay, president of FDNY EMS Local 2507, representing New York’s EMTs, paramedics, and fire inspectors. 

“For years, some 400 FDNY fire protection inspectors, who are essential on the front lines of inspecting and cracking down on life safety hazards across our city, have been wrongly treated as second-class citizens compared to other comparable life-safety roles under civil service. They play an essential role within the Fire Department, and city by detecting, investigating, and rooting out commercial landlords and tenants who are bad actors, with little regard for public safety and the law.” 

FDNY fire protection inspectors are uniformed professionals responsible for inspecting all commercial buildings within the city of New York and working every day to weed out hazards. They are a key reason why serious fires have greatly reduced across New York City. Inspectors also conduct safety checks, inspections of subway tunnels, bridges, public firework shows, parades, and investigate illegal storage of flammable propane tanks and e-bike battery farms, keeping citizens and firefighters safe.

“This is a great victory for the FDNY’s hardworking, highly skilled fire inspectors,” said Robert A. Ungar, longtime lobbyist for EMS/FPI Local 2507. “It took a major push, but the legislature and Governor were receptive and now 25 & out is happening.”

“I want to thank the Local 2507 executive board and staff as well as our lobbying team who have worked diligently to secure benefits that are now after too many years, finally commensurate with the incredible work fire inspectors do every day,” said Barzilay.