Bronx EMT says she felt attacker’s teeth ‘digging deeper’ into cheek

A paramedic who was bit in the face while helping a teen described the grisly incident in detail with News 12.

Jenna Piscitello said the attack happened after she was trying to get a patient, who had some difficulty down the stairs, onto a stretcher.

The 17-year-old patient attacked Piscitello, leaving her wounded. She had to get four stitches.

The attack happened on Haring Street in Sheepshead Bay. The patient now faces charges .

“She just went from zero to 100 and just wrapped her limbs around me,” Piscitello said. “Legs around my torso, arms around my neck, and just bit into my face — as you can see here. Didn’t let go. She was going back and forth, felt her teeth digging deeper, deeper, and deeper into my cheek.”

According to the president of FDNY EMS Local 25-07, there have been over a dozen attacks on EMTs and paramedics across the city.