GoFundMe for John Rugen

Please support EMT John Rugen Rugen was a first responder on 9-11. He later bacame ill in 2004 with stage4 cancer. He beat it with aggressive chemo from 2004 till 2005 and has been in […]


Passing of EMT Evelyn Ford

The Department is mourning the loss of Emergency Medical Technician Evelyn Ford, 58, from COVID-19. EMT Ford was a 27-year veteran of EMS. As a member assigned to Emergency Medical Dispatch (EMD), she served as […]


FDNY EMT Edward Savinon

A GoFundMe page has been started for EMT Edward Savinon My friend / Co-Worker FDNY EMT Edward Savinon of 26 years, 911 survivor is now battling COVID19. He is currently hospitalized at Orange Regional Hospital. […]

FDNY Hockey

FDNY EMS Hockey GoFundMe

The  FDNY  EMS  Hockey  Team  will  be  going  to  a  tournament,  April  24th  in  Boston.   The  tournament   is  made  up  of  first  responders  across  the  country.  The  tournament is  designed  to  raise  awareness for  different […]


EMT Ortiz recovery fund

Probationary EMT Kenneth Ortiz was appointed to the FDNY in February 2019. He is assigned to Station 26 (Tin House EMS), a mere few blocks from his home in the Bronx. Sadly, in the early […]

Alacea Diggs

GoFundMe – Alacea Diggs

Fellow FDNY EMT Alacea Diggs is sick in the ICU By Eddie Sammz My mentor and Coworker Alacea Diggs of station 17 is currently sick in the ICU.She’s a great an EMT who worked in […]