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The office (Lauren Hartnett) has produced two documents with compiled buck slips data related to Covid 19. One is frequently asked questions that have been asked by members, the other is an organization of the buck […]

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Local 2507 takes on the feds regarding coronavirus safety measures

Spectrum News NY1 Health Care Workers Battling Coronavirus Voice Concern Over Safety By Kristen Shaughnessy New York CityPUBLISHED 10:53 PM ET Mar. 11, 2020 Those on the front lines of the new coronavirus crisis say it’s […]

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NY nurses upset with CDC

NY nurses upset with CDC for saying surgical masks can protect them in screening for COVID-19 By Mary Murphy PIX 11 NEW YORK — The New York State Nurses’ Association held a large press conference […]

Local 2507 in the News

Unions Criticize Mayor’s Revelation

Disclosure That EMT Has Virus Pits Privacy Against Public Right to Know By Bob HennellyMarch 13, 2020 RIGHT TO KNOW WHAT?: In a public-health crisis, experts say officials need to balance the right of the […]

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DC37 2020 Scholarship Application

DC 37 Scholarship Award Guidelines “What does Labor want? We want more schoolhouses and less jails, more books and less arsenals, more learning…” – Samuel Gompers, 1893 The DC 37 Education Committee offers a number […]