COVID-19 lodging application

New York City Fire Department

9 MetroTech Center, Room 8S-10, Brooklyn, N.Y. 11201

REQUEST FOR TEMPORARY LODGING ASSISTANCE (This application must be completed in its entirety) Uniformed Members:

Please select the link below to complete and submit your application. You can access theapplication by clicking here or typing the following address:

The purpose of this application is to assist our members seeking alternative lodging in order to minimize exposure/risk of COVID-19 to their families. Failure to adhere to the conditions listed in the Application Certification section may result in removal from the program. Upon receipt of this completed application, the Family Assistance Unit will work directly with the applicant to identify a location for placement.

Please note the lodging program is available for all active duty uniformed members. 

For further questions or information regarding the application process, please contact one of the following FAU Members: 

Mrs. Mary Travers – (917) 685-7312 
Ms. Dominique Joseph (718) 541-2290 
Ms. Alaida Rivera (646) 629-4975