FDNY is now able to offer COVID-19 vaccination to ALL FDNY members (all ages, active or retired, even retirees not in our WTC Health Program). 

Retirees under age 65 must have a NYS qualifying physical health condition (ex. cancer, respiratory, cardiac, hypertension, diabetes, stroke, neuro, autoimmune disease such as rheumatoid arthritis, kidney or liver disease, or obesity) 

FDNY active members (including civilians) are essential workers and can be vaccinated even without a physical health condition. 

*Please sign up Immediately. Availability may not last long.* 

FDNY active members can still be vaccinated even if they have previously declined it or have had the COVID-19 illness in the past. 

The department has successfully vaccinated over 35,000 people (FDNY and non-FDNY employees) without any serious side effects. 

Please use the link www.fdnycampus.org via a computer to schedule an appointment at one of the four POD locations for the Moderna Vaccine. *Registration cannot be accomplished via a mobile device. 

  • FDNY Headquarters, 9 Metrotech Center 
  • EMS Academy, Fort Totten o WTC Health Program Help Desk: (718-999-1365 – Monday through Friday) 
  • FDNY Help Desk: (718-999-2611) 
  • Fire Academy, Randall’s Island 
  • Susan E. Wagner High School, Staten Island 

Instructions for making this appointment are attached. If you have any questions, please call either number below. 

WTC Health Program Help Desk: (718-999-1365 – Monday through Friday) 
FDNY Help Desk: (718-999-2611) 

*Please note that all appointments are dependent on vaccine shipments meeting demand