COVID-19 vaccine for FDNY retirees age 65 and over

NY State has announced that we are now allowed to expand COVID-19 vaccination eligibility to include retirees ages 65 and over.  

Please use the link to schedule an appointment at one of our 4 POD locations for the Moderna Vaccine.   

  • FDNY Headquarters, 9 Metrotech Center 
  • EMS Academy, Fort Totten 
  • Fire Academy, Randall’s Island 
  • Susan E. Wagner High School, Staten Island   

    The instructions for making this appointment are attached.  If you have any questions, please call either number below. 
  • WTC Health Program Help Desk (718-999-1365 – Monday through Friday)  
  • FDNY Help Desk (718-999-2611).   


Please note that all appointments are dependent on vaccine shipments meeting demand. 

Eligibility is determined by the NY State Department of Health; the state creates the priority tiers and FDNY is required to comply.  FDNY will notify retirees under age 65 when NY State determines their eligibility.  

Getting vaccinated is critical to protecting yourself, your loved ones, our FDNY family, and those we serve. This vaccine is 94% effective in preventing the COVID-19 infection after both doses. Even if you have recovered from COVID-19 and have antibodies, you still need the vaccine to prevent re-infection. We have now vaccinated over 6,000 active FDNY Firefighters and EMS workers without any serious side effects. 

You can find more information here about the COVID-19 vaccine from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).