DC 37 and the CUNY School of Labor and Urban Studies (SLU) will fully fund a series of four Labor Leadership programs at both the undergraduate and graduate levels for DC 37 members.

These free college courses will provide a comprehensive overview of union-side labor relations in the public sector. Students will gain the practical skills and knowledge necessary for effective leadership in collective bargaining, union administration, research, organizing, and labor law.

SLU and DC 37 will cover full tuition costs for up to 100 members a year, an estimated $300,000 annually.

This new Labor Leadership program is a stepping-stone for completing a bachelor’s and/or a graduate degree. A certificate or degree in Labor Studies is an important credential for career advancement in a range of civil service and non-profit institutions. 

Members participating in this program may take a series of four-course (12- to 16-credit) programs fully funded by the DC 37 Education Fund. Credits earned can be applied to SLU’s undergraduate and graduate certificates in labor relations, or can be applied to the School’s requirements for a bachelor’s degree in Urban Studies or the master’s degree in Labor Studies.

The new scholarship program is another example of DC 37’s commitment to the academic empowerment of its members. 

Members employed at mayoral agencies, libraries, cultural institutions, authorities (MTA, TBTA), CUNY and the State are eligible to apply to the SLU program. DC 37 members of the union’s six nonprofit and private sector locals are ineligible to apply at this time.
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