EMT Ortiz recovery fund

Probationary EMT Kenneth Ortiz was appointed to the FDNY in February 2019. He is assigned to Station 26 (Tin House EMS), a mere few blocks from his home in the Bronx. Sadly, in the early morning hours on Monday, August 5 that home was destroyed in a fire. Kenneth and his family were able to evacuate safely, but all their possessions and belongings were lost. Very little was able to be salvaged. While his 9 family members he lived with are safe, this loss is devastating nonetheless.

His brothers and sisters from Tin House EMS have set up this GoFundMe to assist his family with the rebuilding process. To provide clothing, furniture, toiletries, food, linen, etc. We hope this will not only help them afford and furnish a new home but also help clothe and feed his family and himself while he gets back on his feet. Any donation you can make would be greatly appreciated and immensely helpful. 

Kenneth has decided to dedicate his young life to help others in their time of need. We ask that you now help him and his family in their time of need. Thank you all in advance.

Visit the GoFundMe page