FDNY commissioner announces recognition for members who served during height of COVID-19 pandemic

By Bill Parry | July 20, 2023

Few in Queens will forget when the borough was known as the “epicenter of the epicenter” during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic when the only sounds coming from the streets were the sirens and gunned engines of FDNY EMS ambulances rushing the stricken to Elmhurst Hospital and other emergency facilities. The EMS and paramedics who worked endless shifts on those rigs and often slept in their own cars rather than subject their families to the coronavirus haven’t forgotten and neither has FDNY Commissioner Laura Kavanagh.

In a message to the members of the FDNY on July 18, she announced that all who served during the darkest days and nights of the pandemic will be recognized for all they did for the city.

“For more than two years, our EMTs, Paramedics, firefighters, officers and all our civilian staff continued to show up for work, treating the sickest among us and responding to fires, despite fighting an invisible enemy,” Kavanagh wrote. “The care and concern displayed for others was, and always is, exceptional. We know there are many among us who became ill themselves and suffered personal losses, and yet returned to duty. This resiliency and dedication to the mission has not gone unnoticed.”

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