FDNY EMS Local 2507 President Address Charges Dropped for EMT Incident

February 3, 2021

Statement from Oren Barzilay, President of FDNY EMS Local 2507

“A false narrative was never provided. The fact still remains that a fellow EMT felt threatened and was sexually assaulted.

Bronx District Attorney Clark should have never publicly released the unredacted video of a sexual assault victim.

The Bronx District Attorney has failed to publicly acknowledge that the female EMT was a victim and should not be dismissed on claims of a false narrative. Women have agency and know when and if they are being sexually groped. The video clearly shows the female EMT jumping back when groped in her crotch area.

I believe the response from the Bronx District Attorney is out of line and irresponsible. In my view this video does not justify clearing him from assaulting our member.

District Attorney Clarck should never politicize the tragic murder of our sister FDNY Paramedic Yadira Arroyo to deflect her conduct in this case

A person with a serious medical condition does not just get up and walk away. Not only is this EMT a victim of sexual abuse, she is now a victim of the District Attorney’s office.

The members of the FDNY EMS courageously serve the medical needs of the people of New York City every day. Every EMS professional does this job in the face of danger and threats, with little protection.

For far too long, FDNY EMS has been left out to dry and forgotten about by the leaders of our city. We need meaningful support and protection for our workforce. This needs to start now!”