FDNY EMS union seethes as its workers respond to more calls with stagnant salaries and funding


By Aidan Graham. | February 21, 2024

They’re doing more with less, even with lives on the line.

New data reveals a relative decline in funding for EMS workers within the FDNY, despite the medical professionals seeing a stark rise in calls for “life-threatening” emergencies across the Big Apple.

Last year alone, New York City EMS responded to a total of 611,443 “Segment 1-3 calls” — which relate to medical emergencies like choking, cardiac arrest, stroke, gunshot wounds, and other severely traumatic situations. 

Comparing data from 2021 and 2023, the study shows that all five boroughs saw a notable increase in “life-threatening” emergencies over those two years — with Brooklyn leading the way at a 15.7% hike, landing at 176,284 such calls in 2023. 

Meanwhile, the Bronx followed closely behind, jumping from 126,826 life-threatening calls in 2021 to 146,179 calls in 2023 — marking a 15.3% decline. 

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