FDNY finds 236 illegally stored propane tanks at Queens site

By LEONARD GREENE | New York Daily News | December 23, 2023

Fire prevention investigators shut down an illegal propane distribution site in Queens that had enough dangerous gas to level four city blocks officials said Tuesday.

Investigators found 236 propane cylinders in a lot along 104th St. in Elmhurst, according to the FDNY. About half of the tanks were leaking.

Investigators, operating off a tip, found a mix of 20-pound cylinders and 100-pound ones.

“They can take out six or seven houses, just the 20-pounder,” said Darryl Chalmers, a retired FDNY deputy chief inspector. “That’s how dangerous it is.”

Chalmers, who represents fire inspectors in the Local 2507 union, said the leaking tanks could have triggered a massive explosion.

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