FDNY inspectors secured ’25 and out’ pension benefit

The Chief

BY DUNCAN FREEMAN | April 25, 2024

Fire protection inspectors at the FDNY won a long-sought 25-year retirement pension option that will enable many inspectors to retire earlier than before, according to a provision included in the Fiscal Year 2025 New York State budget.

Inspectors covered by the Tier 6 retirement plan previously had to wait until they were 63 to retire with a full pension. They can now leave their respective service after 25 years, regardless of their age, to secure their pension.

“It finally got passed,” said Mike Reardon, a deputy chief fire inspector with more than 40 years on the job. “We’ve been pushing this for years.”

In a statement, Oren Barzilay, Local 2507’s president, thanked lawmakers and Governor Kathy Hochul for the reform.

“For years, some 400 FDNY fire protection inspectors, who are essential on the front lines of inspecting and cracking down on life safety hazards across our city, have been wrongly treated as second-class citizens compared to other comparable life-safety roles under civil service,” he said. “They play an essential role within the Fire Department, and city by detecting, investigating, and rooting out commercial landlords and tenants who are bad actors, with little regard for public safety and the law.”

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