GoFundMe for John Rugen

Please support EMT John Rugen

Rugen was a first responder on 9-11. He later bacame ill in 2004 with stage4 cancer. He beat it with aggressive chemo from 2004 till 2005 and has been in full remission since. EMT Rugen than became recently ill from Covid in February. He was admitted to the hospital with mutliple symptoms and was in a telemetry bed. He has been out of work since February 16th and is expected to be out for an unknown time. He’s eager to get back to doing what he loves doing and that’s working EMS helping others and fighting for his members. He completed his return to duty medical consisting of a Chest CT, PFT and Echo. PFT he just barely passed . ECHO came back with LVH now on HTN meds and Chest CT showed nodules in right lung. He was than sent for a CT/PET which came back with FDG activity in his right lung and brain. EMT Rugen was than sent for a MRI which showed white matter. He was than sent for a 4 week and 6 week.

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