GoFundMe for Kelly McCormack

On August 13th 2021 my 33 year old daughter Kelly was diagnosed with stage 3 Triple Negative Breast Cancer that spread to her lymphnodes. It completely shocked and devastated us as a family. Her doctors at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center laid out a very long & difficult plan to try to beat this aggressive cancer. She has had to endure multiple rounds of 4 different types of Chemotherapy & immunotherapy, with even more on the horizon. She will need to undergo a double mastectomy, complete reconstruction, followed by further treatment including radiation & possibly even more chemotherapy. The cancer is controlling the timeline. 

As an FDNY EMT, my daughter has dedicated her life to helping others and this cancer has left her unable to work or able to help herself. Her Husband John who is also an FDNY EMT, has gone through all of his time off at work & is now going without pay to be there for his wife & care for their children, Arien (8) & Landon (19 months)

To say that things have been difficult is an understatement. Kellys side effects have been completely debilitating, some of which will be permanent. The entire family has been suffering, and now on top of that their bills are starting to pile up. They are trying to live as normally as possible for their children but it’s becoming increasingly difficult without a steady paycheck. 

I am asking you for your help on their behalf. My daughter is struggling, her family is struggling. Money should be the least of their problems. Kelly should have some peace of mind while she fights for her life. Please help in any way that you can, any amount will make a difference. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts.