In recognition of your service, The FDNY Foundation is providing all EMS members with a digital gift card.

The FDNY Foundation has generously provided a gesture of gratitude that will be supplied to all current EMS members in recognition of EMS Week 2020 as well as the hard work and dedication displayed during the COVID-19 pandemic.  FDNY EMS stepped up more than ever and displayed to the City and Country why we are the greatest EMS service.  The FDNY Foundation is providing all EMS members with a digital gift card.   In order to make this possible, each member must provide a personal email address where the digital card can be gifted.   We will be utilizing the LMS system to collect this information and any personal information will be used for this purpose only and removed from the profile once completed.  Members may choose to opt out of providing the personal email address however this would be opting out of receiving the gift as this is the only way to supply the card.  The directions to provide this information in LMS are below.  All email addresses must be uploaded into the LMS profile by close of business on Friday, August 21st, 2020.  Anything received after this date will be ineligible.

  • Log into Sumtotal:  (or through the applications section of the FDNY Homepage by selecting Learning Management System in the dropdown)
  • Username is the members reference number
  • Default password: FDNYLMS1
  • (If logging in for first time, it will require a password reset and security question to be set)
  • Navigate to the upper left Self Menu icon
  • Click on Profile Details
  • Click on Edit icon in screen
  • Add personal email address.  (Personal phone number is not required however if provided you will receive a text alert once received)
  • Click Save

Thank you again for your outstanding and ongoing commitment to all New Yorkers during these challenging times. These tough times have brought out the best in the FDNY.  

The link will only work from a desktop.

Oren Barzilay
FDNY EMS Local 2507