Keeping Our City Safe

Local 2507 wants to thank the men and women in fire prevention for keeping our city safe on a daily basis. Their work goes many times unacknowledged. The hidden hero’s of our dept.

On Friday, January 22, FDNY Fire Protection Inspectors were conducting an inspection at a warehouse located at 318 Nevins Street in Brooklyn. During the inspection, they found propane cylinders stacked from floor to ceiling, and located in a refrigeration unit. There was a total of 904, 20-pound propane cylinders in the warehouse. Fire Protection Inspectors had local fire units respond, Battalion 32, Engine 239, Engine 226, Engine 219, Ladder 105, Ladder 131, to check for gas leaks.

When FDNY Fire Marshals arrived, they were met by Mr. Mohamed Mohamed who is the manager of the building. During an interview, he admitted to ordering propane tanks and selling them to another individual so that he could resell them to restaurants and businesses that need heat for outdoor dining. Mr. Mohammad was placed under arrest for reckless endangerment.

Oren Barzilay 
Local 2507