As a labor activist for over 50 years, I am happy and proud to see a new Labor Movement rise. Let’s look at the newest and strong Amazon LaborUnion.

The organize drive started over two years ago, by Amazon workers at theStaten Island, New York, with Christian Smalls a 33 year old African American who was fired from his job at Amazon and his friend at JFK, Derrick Palmer.

The union operated by raising money through crowdfunding, and free legal help and rallied workers to vote on TikTok, at bus stops and during picnics and pizza parties.

They built solidarity among the workers by creating a culture of respect, togetherness and family.Smalls told the Guardian “ We have to think about 21st century style unionizing. It’s how we build up the worker’s solidarity.”

It’s a new day in the Labor movement, these Amazon workers have proven themselves to the establishment.

Amazon Labor Union has brought the slogans to life “ We Are The Union” “Workers Power”.