Labor Liaison Corner – February 2022

As we commemorate African American history which is American history.

Let’s look at Black Labor Union Leaders that help build the labor movement.

In 1925 A.Philip Randolph became the leader of the black service staff of the Pullman railroad cars. It was the first African American labor union.

In 1930 AFL-CIO recognized the Pullman porter’s union.

70 years later Arlene Holt Baker became Executive vice president of AFL-CIO.

Diann Woodward President American Federation of School Administrators, her history started in United Auto Workers.

Dr. Loretta Johnson Executive vice president, American Federation of Teachers.

William Burrus, President American Postal Workers Union was the first African American to be elected president.

Clyde Rivers , AFL-CIO Executive Council and California School Employees Association.

Robert Roach Jr. General vice president , International Association of Machinists 7 Aerospace Workers

Albert R. Mixon General Executive Board, International Brotherhood of Teamsters.

Rebecca S. Prince, Secretary -Treasurer National Education Association

General Holiefield, Vice President United Auto Workers International Executive Board.

Gerald Hudson, International Executive vice president, Service Employees International Union.

Fred Redmond, International vice president United Steelworkers.

The above leaders are from the major unions in the United States. Remember in the Labor movement we are family, that’s why we use the term my brothers and sisters in the union.

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