As we enter into the third year of Covid, we as EMS 1st responders need to stay strong, healthy and focus. An important part of this is our union and its resources. The union delegate is the first line in keeping the union strong and active. The following are the main responsibilities of the delegate:

  • Contract enforcer
  • Station /workplace detective
  • Grievance expert
  • Union liaison
  • Political activist
  • Confident

As we remember and celebrate Martin Luther King Jr. this month let’s look at his support and leadership in building a strong labor movement.

In 1965 addressing the Illinois “AFL-CIO” American Federation of Labor and Congress of Industrial Organizations, King said “ The two most dynamic movements that reshaped the nation during the past three decades are the labor and civil rights movements. Our combined strength is potentially enormous.

Martin Luther King’s core values equality and justice for all is what the labor movement is about.

           “Labor movement and Social Justice together always”