Labor Liaison July 2022

The so-called dog days of summer, the unions continue the fight. DC 37, our parent union which we are part of, is also part of a union coalition demanding action on a minimum $22 an hour, with automatic annual cost of living adjustments on all contracts. The union also petitioned to demand an end to income disparities for essential workers.

Also DC 37 Executive Director joined other labor leaders and healthcare advocates to demand action on exorbitant hospital prices and the financial stranglehold the five private hospital systems have on the healthcare in New York City.

Emergency Medical Technician who has been part of FDNY for four years, who had traumatic experience during the pandemic, has got the help he needs to continue life saving job. Many EMTs and Paramedics are struggling to overcome PTSD.

Counseling Service Unit is available but became overwhelmed during the pandemic.

The next step if you are struggling, call 24/7- National Suicide Prevention Lifeline 988.

Stay safe while doing your job, look out for your physical and mental health.