The cross union City Retirees Organizing Committee is calling a rally on June 16, 12 noon in front of City Hall Park, Broadway between Murray St and Park deliver a message to the Mayor not to switch to Medicare Advantage Retirees Health Care.

CROC “ City Retirees Organizing Committee supports the continuation of the same healthcare for future retirees and the NY Health Act and Medicare For All.

In order to continue labor education, starting this month I would like to do an overview of the book “Class Struggle Unionism” by Joe Burns.

It’s a textbook on how to organize around our common demands, where we work to build a movement. It makes the case that a cohesive and effective labor movement requires class-conscious unions. It’s a must-read for any labor activist concerned with the future of the US workers’ movement.

The next Labor Liaison we examine how this book looks at the fight for the entire working class.