Labor Liaison Lester Muata Greene

Allow me to reintroduce myself. I am Lester Muata Greene, a 25 year veteran of F.D.N.Y (E.M.T.). I have been a Labor and Civil Rights Activist since 1970 after being honorably discharged from the United States Navy in 1969.

I have been active in the union as a Delegate, Executive Board member since my ODA June 1985. I was appointed Labor Liaison during the Pat Baknken administration and has served in this role ever since. I have been retired for nine years, but still continue as a Labor Activist.

My role is to be a Liaison with other labor unions and organizations to bring our agenda to them and to share theirs with our members.

I will be bringing our local the latest on the United States and Worldwide Labor and how it affects our members.

As we move more and more into our election for the U.S. President season, we in labor will be examining “ Who can workers trust?”

How can labor make a comeback after a long decline since the 1980s?

I will bring the latest of labor unions positions both local and national.

An informed membership is a strong one!

Look forward to hearing from you:
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