The midterm election day is November 8, polls are open from 0600- 2100.

Early voting October 29-November 6, 2022. To find your voting pace go to voter lookup:

Never forget organized labor unions are the power for working people and is the first strategy along with picket lines, calling and writing our politicians. Another key issue is the canceling up $20K of student debt which extends to January 1,2023. Members with questions should contact DC37 MELS screening and intake office at 212-815-1111.

Let’s review the next section of “Class Struggle Unionism” by Joe Burns the meaning of “class stand” which see our union as part of a larger struggle between labor and capital. This leads to a more critical analysis of the role of the media, government, the courts, and the main political parties. This leads to an anti-establishment brand of unionism, that approaches questions from the point of class struggle. The billionaire class the so call 1% great fortunes allows to control the wealth of the society, the corporate plutocracy, exercise trusteeship over educational institutions, foundations, think tanks, publications and mass media thereby influencing society’s ideological output and information flow. The bigger problem is that the entire political and economic system is built to provide for the exploitation of workers. Therefore, our class stand doesn’t consider government institutions like the National Labor Relations Board and federal courts to be neutral.

Our unionism must be seen as part of a larger class struggle and the need for a strategic approach, on a national scale, rather than simply a question of organizing workers.