Labor’s Moment

By Lester Muata Greene, Labor Liaison

Labor unions in the United States are having a moment that hasn’t happened in over 60 years, since writers and actors strike together.

Along with UPS workers poised for the biggest strike in the same number of years. These labor actions will stop the decline of unions and create a turn around, which began during the coronavirus pandemic, when large numbers of workers left the workforce.

The key to these labor strikes is “Horizontal Solidarity” between different workers from various industries, like Teamsters, Communication Workers of America, Building Trades. This type of solidarity hasn’t existed since the 20th century.

We as public sector workers can build solidarity with private sector unions that can help unite all workers to form a movement that can strengthen the power of the entire working class.

Ways to build solidarity:

  • Have the intention to work with others
  • Shared vision through dialogue
  • Share power
  • Mutual accountability.