Local 2507 Members Reelect Leaders

This article is on the DC37 Blog

In a landside victory in August, DC 37 Local 2507 members reelected President Oren Barzilay, and officers and executive board members to a second term to lead the city’s public first responders workforce of Uniformed EMTs, Paramedics and Fire Inspectors in the Fire Dept.

Local 2507 EMS workers are on the front lines of New York City’s COVID-19 pandemic response and the Fire Inspectors ensure that all businesses, residential towers and commercial spaces meet building and fire safety codes as New York City gradually reopens in phases.

Pictured with Barzilay, center, are officers and executive board members from left: John Rugen, Edwin Mendez, Darryl Chalmers, Michael Reardon, Michael Greco, Lance Winfield, Carl Gandolfo, Jennifer Aguiluz, Sammy Gounden, Lauren Hartnett (not pictured).

Photo courtesy of Local 2507.