MELS – Helping front line workers get their affairs in order

DC 37 Municipal Employees Legal Services (MELS) is offering expedited services for DC 37 members working on the front lines of the pandemic.

Our lawyers and legal assistants can draft wills, power of attorney and health care proxies.

To get your affairs in order, email Kevin Gomez, MELS Screening Supervisor

You will receive an email reply with a questionnaire that must be completed, then photographed or scanned into a PDF and returned to

Please note that free scanning apps are available for mobile phone users that will allow you to use your camera to create a PDF file that can then be emailed to MELS (one option is CamScanner available as a Google or Apple App)

Bill Whalen, MELS Director

MELS Screening Unit (212) 815-1111

Oren Barzilay
FDNY EMS Local 2507