NYC Fleet Vision Zero Defensive Driving Course for City Drivers

DCAS is offering a free online defensive driving course to all city employees as part of the Mayor’s Vision Zero program.  This program will allow for training to resume that was suspended due to COVID19. It is geared towards those employees who drive city vehicles, but is open to all city employees.  Anyone who takes the course will receive a 4 point reduction on their license and a 10% reduction on their auto insurance. Employees are encouraged to sign up with their FDNY email address. There may be a delay in enrollment if an employee signs up for the course with their personal email address.

Participation in the training is voluntary and not compensable.  If the training is accessed during work hours, employees must obtain prior authorization from his or her supervisor.

Interested persons can learn more and register here:

Questions about the defensive driving course should be sent to
Oren Barzilay
FDNY EMS Local 2507