NYCERS Medical and Pension Board To Be Held Accountable

Attention Members – NYCERS Medical and Pension Board To Be Held Accountable ! !

**This Thursday the NYCERS Board of Trustee’s will Start an Inquiry Towards the NYCERS Medical Board

**The Purpose is to Call into Question the Medical Board’s Excessive Denial of FDNY EMS WTC and Regular Disability Pension Applications

** By Having Hundreds of Our Members watching This Live Feed, The NYCERS Trustee’s Will Be Under Enormous Pressure and Scrutiny to Act

Remember The NYCERS Trustee’s Have Other High Profile Jobs & Career’s and Do Not Want, Or be Associated with the Bad Optics That the Medical Board Currently Exhibits with Their Denials of Our Members ! !

**Our Agenda Items will Start to be Presented Around 10 15 AM but We Encourage You to Log on at 10 AM and Wait in case They Begin Early

** This Meeting and the ones in the Months That Follow is a Culmination of Years of Work By Your Union to Fix the Issues, with the Great Assistance of the NYC Comptroller’s Office.

The webcast itself will also be available on the NYCERS website for those folks that are interested in the meeting.

Thank You
Oren Barzilay
FDNY EMS Local 2507

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