Officers’ Reports for June 2024

President/Vice President report GM June 5, 2024

Contract – On May 10th, both unions met at dc37 hq to discuss initiating contract talks with the city. On May 15th, both unions met with our negotiator and legal to discuss our demands. Our first meeting with OLR is set for June 18th, 2pm. Please do not expect anything as this is our first meeting of many. Meaning dont expect good or bad.

Congestion Tolls – As of this morning, the Governor suspended the implementation of congestion pricing. On a side note, this union was the first to come out against the implementation of tolls towards low paid first responders. We will continue to monitor and address this issue should it unfold again.

FPI – On May 20th, Darryl and I met with C.O.D to discuss promotion of Chief of FPI. It is our position that someone within the FPI rank should be promoted as Chief inspector.

FPI – NYCERS is working on doing a seminar regarding the new 25 and out pension benefit. Once we have the dates, we will advise.

Safety/NYC Council – On May 9, the union met with the council speaker to address safety concerns. With assaults at an all time high and continually increasing, we need additional safety measures while operating alone in the back of an ambulance. We should never be left alone with a patient. Not to mention the never ending growing amount of equipment we are issued to carry on our calls. We will continue working and demanding this change.
The issue is not hiring additional people, its funding.

Merv arbitration – a decision came down this week agreeing with the dept that only 1 person that is logged on to any specialty vehicle is entitled to the differential.


SB 8486 By Hinchey, Michelle. Relates to Medicaid reimbursement for treatment in place and transportation to alternative health care settings by ambulance services. – First report calendar. Legislation passed both houses. final signature required by Gov.

SB 6226 By Hinchey, Michelle. Provides for availability of ambulance services and advanced life support first response service to store and distribute blood and initiate and administer blood transfusions. – First report calendar.

S9669 (Jackson) – Relates to the establishment of a twenty-two and one-half year retirement program for ems. No home rule message as of today. 

Radio Etiquette – As a reminder, we must maintain professionalism on the radio.The radio transmissions are a reflection of our workforce. Both sides need to respect and understand each other. We are all on the same team.

Far Rockaway Trauma center – On June 11 there will be a rally at 12:00 pm, 1917 mott ave, by Council Member Selvena Brooks-Powers as she advocates to bring a level 1 Trauma Hospital to Far Rockaway. We are asking members to attend the rally with a non issued job shirt to support this effort.

Gary Smiley – For those of you that don’t know Gary Smiley, he is a retired rescue medic of this union. Gary has been assisting this local on all wtc related issues our members are faced with. Thank you for your ongoing work Gary, it’s sincerely appreciated.

FLSA – The city and our attorneys will be going into mediations in the coming weeks for both Fire Prevention Inspectors and EMS (2507).

Summer is here, the call volume is only going to get worse. We want our members going home the same way they came to work. The dept has been approved to increase our headcount by roughly 100 emt’s & paramedics. We understand that it’s not a lot. We will continue to advocate for additional resources.

Look out for each other. 
Be safe.