President’s Report – April 2021

April 7, 2021

Sick Notes – EMS OPS think they can manipulate rules & policies by intimidating our members and being creative.

It has come to our attention the dept (EMS OPS) is attempting to circumvent a citywide sick leave policy by ordering our members to bring in sick notes when they call in sick.
Let me be clear, our members are not required to bring in a sick note, EVEN IF ORDERED.

No member should be intimidated, no member should accept any discipline for failure to obey a direct order, such order is invalid. We are working with our Legal Dept. , the issue is being addressed.
Be aware, unless EMS Ops rescinds this policy, they will forward your case to BITS, should that happen, we will fight this until it is legally resolved. 

Rain Gear – We have reached a tentative deal with the city regarding this long-awaited protective gear for our members. Gradual distribution will begin sometime in October. We will furnish more details once agreement is finalized.

City council EMS/FPI Budget hearing – March 19 the local testified regarding the wage disparity, contract negotiations, EMS facilities still busting at the seams, mental health for our members, FPI co-meters and turnout gear. We are hopeful that our hard work will be fruitful in the near future.

FPI – This week depositions began regarding the wage disparity/discrimination litigation against the FDNY/City of NY. It is still too early to discuss this case as we are in its early stages. We will keep you advised as the case progresses.

Contract – April 5, The Union met with labor relations to continue our discussions on achieving parity wages with our counterparts in other uniforms services. This was our 8th meeting with the city, we have produced ways for the city to comply with our demands, we are now awaiting their response, our next meeting is scheduled for April 29.  We ask for your patience as this is a lengthy process, last contract we held 33 sessions with the city. 

Legislation – Albany NY – Early retirement legislation is introduced; it is still too early to say its impact on EMS. Stay tuned.

Be well and look out for each other

Oren Barzilay 
Local 2507