President’s Report February 2023

President’s Report                                                      February 1, 2023

Yadira Arroyo – Jury selection is almost complete. Trial is scheduled to begin sometime next week. Our presence is needed at the BX criminal courthouse.  WE MUST CONTINUE TO SUPPORT THE FAMILY. Justice is coming. 

HWB – Majority of our members that applied have received the bonus the state issued last week. The bonus was to help with retention for those that work during the pandemic.
There are some members of which the Dept is reviewing for payout qualification set by the state guidelines. Anyone that applied and has not received the payment, should file a payroll inquiry and forward to the union.

Contract – Our parent union is currently in negotiations. We are hopeful they will conclude their bargaining in the near future. Once they are done, we will request to bargain as well.

We will know in the coming weeks on DC37 progress.

Albany legislation – Our attorneys have drafted and produced the following bills to be introduced in Albany for the 2023 legislation session.

1. FPI – 25 & out pension
2. EMS 22.5 & out pension
3. Chp 96 reimbursement
4. Covid to be included as presumptive work-related illness.
5. NYCERS – courts override NYCERS decision

FPI – The following bills have been introduced this past week in Albany.

NY-SB 2196 By Rivera, J. Gustavo. Imposes certain penalties related to violations of building and fire code standards within fourteen days and increases certain fine amounts for violations of housing standards in New York city. – First report calendar

NY-SB 2276 By Kavanagh, Brian. Establishes a program to address the legalization of specified basements and cellars and the conversion of other specified basements and cellars in a city with a population of one million or more. – Reported and committed to Senate Finance

FLSA – Our attorneys are scheduled to appear in court Tuesday February 7. 
We are hoping the judge will dismiss the city’s appeal. 
Once we receive an update, we will notify our membership.

Promotion – We received notification that a promotion to FF exam will be coming out early 2024.

AWS/12s – As the ongoing discussions with the dept continues. We were able to do the following.

*Postpone the conversion to 8s in the borough of Manhattan and the Bronx until further discussions are done.

*Queens TRG (all 84 units) is going back to 12s effective Feb 12, 2023.

BK – 39x is being reinstated to station 59 effective Feb 12, 2023 and will operate on a 12 hour tour.
Division 5 – Change 22z start time – 0630/1830
Return 21E or create a SI Tac unit for a 12-hour tour. municipal unit.
42a will return to their bk CSL. currently redeployed to Staten Island. 

Division 8 – 32x change of start time to 0700
37h change of start time 0700
32k change of start time to 1100

We will have additional discussion of station 40/43 and 12s.
The union is meeting with the dept tomorrow to discuss PSAC start times and additional 12s.
We will continue to address our members’ needs as discussions progress.

I want to thank Chief Fields for working with us on this complicated issue

Oren Barzilay
FDNY EMS Local 2507

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