Road to recovery for Jeziah – gofundme

Jeziah Oquendo, son of Arelis and Dempsey Oquendo, just turned 6yrs old on March 2, 2022. On April 20,2022 he started feeling slightly ill but nothing emergent. April 22nd he was showing signs of teething due to his 2 bottom molars coming out so the parents thought no big deal. Jeziah started having low grade temps each evening with headaches. Within 3 days the fever started going up to 102.4 came down with meds but kept increasing up to 104.1 with a slight stomache. They took him to their nearby hospital thinking it might’ve been some type of stomach flu or infection with his molars. However, things took a BIG turn of events for the family and he had to be transferred to a specialty hospital…..

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