Six Months to register WTC claims

Today is an important day. We are exactly six months away from the deadline for hundreds, if not thousands of families to register claims for their loved ones who died of WTC-related illnesses. That means we have just six months to spread the word to these 9/11 families who have not yet registered, before their time to register runs out.

The Victim Compensation Fund (VCF) requires death claims to be registered within 2 years of a responder or non-responder’s passing. So many families missed the deadline either because they didn’t realize that they were eligible or because they were previously told that they were too late to register.  In an incredible act of compassion, the VCF’s Special Master extended the deadline for widows, widowers and families who missed the strict time limit to register.  

The deadline to register older death claims has been extended until July 29, 2021. 

While the VCF has been permanently extended, after July 29th any family who does not register the claim within two years of their loved one’s death will be ineligible for compensation. Since more than 1/3 of the families who have retained our firm in the past year did so more than two years after losing their loved one, we know that there are many other families who still don’t realize that they are entitled to an award which could provide them with financial security.

Please help us spread the word about this impending deadline to anyone who you think should take advantage of this last chance to register. Let’s use every minute of these next six months to help as many families as possible.

With deep respect,
Michael Barasch