Support Services for Local 2507 Members

Dear Members, 

We understand that the last several months have been stressful and have pushed many of us to our limits both physically and psychologically. FDNY EMS Local 2507 is partnering with a company called Reloveution to provide free and confidential listening and emotional support sessions with licensed mental health professionals (psychologists, psychiatrists, social workers, mental health counselors, etc.). Sessions can be anywhere from 15-60 minutes, and might take place once or for up to six weeks. The goal is to meet you wherever you are and to provide you the support you might need to navigate these uncertain and difficult times. You can sign up using the link and you will be matched with a practitioner within 24-hours. Please share this with your colleagues and peers. We are in this together! 

Brothers & Sisters, we have lost 3 members to suicide, and countless others exepriencing ptsd, anxiety or other stresses for what they’ve experienced in recent months.As I said earlier, we are in this together, let’s lift each other up.

We know that our members need this help, we also know that there’s a fear of astigmatism that comes along with it, no one should be ashamed of needing to speak to someone about something that weighs heavy on their mind, It is ok to speak up.  

A suggestion was made to me by Paramedic Erika Smith of having a buddy system. In the coming days and weeks we will work on putting this together, we will need your assistance for this to be successful. 

We are also considering other ways to emotionally support our members and hope you will reach out with ideas or concerns. 

The following options would be implemented should the members want to participate, the fees will be covered by the union. 

CALM Sessions for First RespondersOne-hour sessions offered virtually to first responders to foster CALM (community, affirmation, listening, motivation). These sessions include structured time for participants share and listen to stories, offer empathy and support, practice mindfulness, and build micro skills to promote resilience, improve psychological wellbeing, and manage stress. Sessions are $150/hour for up to 20 participants, with an additional cost for larger groups.  These sessions can be offered once, weekly, or monthly Group Therapy Sessions for First Responders One-hour sessions for up to ten participants with licensed mental health experts with training in working with PTSD and trauma. Sessions are $150/hour. 

Hopefully this is a good starting place.

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Oren Barzilay
FDNY EMS Local 2507