Two FDNY EMTs Help Officers Catch Armed Man

By JEMS Staff | December 9, 2021

The streets of New York City are a little safer thanks to two FDNY EMTs.

That’s because the pair of EMTs helped police officers subdue an armed man as he tried to run from custody on Tuesday, according to the union representing the EMTs.

The union said two uniformed police officers were speaking with a man across the street from FDNY EMS Station 26 in the Bronx when the man took off running with a black gun in his hand.

EMT Katherine Zeron-Ortega was walking out of the station while EMT Kyle Blazo was seated in his vehicle parked in front of the station when they heard what was happening. Both Zeron-Ortego and Blazo ran after the suspect and helped officers catch the man, the union said.

The man allegedly threw the gun under a parked car but officers were able to find it, the union said.