Unfortunate Housefire – Fundraiser

Justin Garcia is organizing this fundraiser.

Hello, my name is Justin, I am a husband and father who works for New York City MTA. Last night I was supposed to be working my night shift and decided to stay home, this morning around 1:20 am my wife Indiana who’s an EMT for the FDNY in NYC, my daughter Alana and I tragically lost our home to an unexpected fire.

I was lucky enough to get my sleeping wife and 4-year-old daughter out of the back of the house, where the fire started. We are unsure of how the fire started or what may have caused it. But, along with our belongings and other household items, we also lost our family pets, (1 cat and a 4-month-old dog).

Sadly, this has caused my family and I to have to leave behind our home and try to figure things out. We are blessed to see another day thanks TO THE MERCY OF GOD. We will be extremely grateful to anyone who donates as this will help us get clothes, and household essentials and help us find a new home.

We thank you all in advance !! BLESSING.