Update on Pay Parity

August 2, 2019

Dear Sisters & Brothers,

This is the latest update in our fight for pay parity.
We have good news and bad news. 

The bad news is our rally, which was originally schedule for August 6, 2019, on the steps of City Hall is being rescheduled. 

The good news is that this is because of the mounting support we received from other unions and elected officials in our fight for pay parity.

In response to scheduling our rally we heard from several elected officials and other unions across the country who have asked if we can reschedule our rally so they can join us and stand with us at City Hall. We want to work with them now to pick a date to ensure their participation. 

In addition we are thrilled to let you know that we have just heard from the leadership of the EMS Superior Officers Association which represents the EMS Deputy and Division Chiefs, and we are happy to announce the SOA has fully endorsed our fight for pay parity and has pledged that our Chiefs will stand with us at our upcoming rally.

We cannot remember the last time EMS has seen this kind of unity and we are deeply grateful for the solidarity our Deputy and Division Chiefs have shown in this fight. 
We cannot wait to stand with them on the steps of City Hall to demand pay parity and equal employment opportunity for all in EMS.
Finally, this support is incredible, but it only works if we have you with us. 
We apologize for the inconvenience in rescheduling but this is a good problem to have, and it will be worth it to see the turn out.  We are still working on locking in elected officials and working out some of the details, but will be back in touch shortly with a new date for you.
In the meantime we ask that you take a moment if you haven’t done so already and join our social media sites here:

Instagram: @equalpayforems

Twitter: @EqualPayForEMS

Facebook: @EqualPayForEMS

Some Twitter sites are:
EMS work is Different , Equal Pay for EMS, Uniformed EMTs, Paramedics and Fire Inspectors NYC and UEMSO Local 3621

Some Facebook sites are:

EMT’S, Paramedics & Fire Inspectors Page of Local 2507

Uniformed EMS & Fire Inspectors Union FDNY Chat room

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EMS Work is Different

Thank you for your support, perseverance and patience.  We will follow up shortly.

In Solidarity,

Vincent Variale                  Oren Barzilay 
President                            President 

Local 3621                          Local 2507