Vaccine Mandate Updates MLC Briefing

Summary of Policy Change

After careful consideration of the current health and safety guidelines and, in part, because of the high vaccination rates among City employees (more than 96%), the availability of vaccines to everyone 6 months and older, and the widely available bivalent boosters, effective 2/10/2023, the City with the Board of Health approval, made COVID-19 vaccination optional for current and prospective City employees.

Terminated permanent competitive and labor class employees (for failure to comply with the vaccine mandate) will have one year from date of termination to apply for reinstatement. If they were terminated on 2/11/2022, there will be a 30-day grace period for them to apply, meaning they will have to apply for reinstatement by 3/10/2023.

Employees that have retired or resigned will have to go through the traditional personnel process to be reinstated or rehired.

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