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More NY EMS workers are getting attacked on the job

By Bruce Campanile They’re helping to save lives — while their own are being threatened. Assaults and other threats leveled against emergency medical service workers are almost a daily occurrence — skyrocketing 137% from 2018 through […]

Member Update

Officers’ Reports for May 2022

General membership meeting May 4, 2022 President’s Report Legislation – On May 3, 2022 Local 2507 and its members, both EMS & Fire Prevention Inspectors held a Lobby Day in ALbany NY Legislative office to […]

Member Update

Officer’s Reports – April 2022

Presidents Report April 6, 2022 FLSA – On December 12, 2021, the City filed its appeal in the Perry litigation advancing three primary arguments: (1) that it should not be liable for unpaid pre-shift work because CityTime provided […]