What To Do When Stopped By BITS

What To Do When Stopped By BITS

If you are approached by a Bits officer you must present your State card and FDNY ID. 

  • Immediately ask for a union rep.
  • Do Not answer any questions relating to the accusation from Bits.
  • They are not allowed to interview you.
  • If given an NOI you sign for it. It is not an admission of guilt.
  • Do not engage them in an argument, yes sir/ no sir, yes ma’am/ no ma’am.

    It is unfortunate but BITS officers have been baiting our members into confrontations leading to relieved-of-duty events.

    We have or will be filing multiple contract violations against any officer who we believe is violating your contractual rights.

    Michael Greco
    Vice President 

    FDNY Local 2507